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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ABC Wednesday "L"

Beautiful, majestic Leopard at the Turtleback Zoo.

Lily pads at the Botanical Gardens are always beautiful

The Lion Statue at the Botanical Gardens gets my attention everytime I go.

The Lake where we have spent the last 10 summers reminds me how lucky I am. After 10 years I still find myself elated that I actually get to live here.


Anonymous said...

The lily pads are so beautiful! Great colors on that one!

My L pictures are posted here and here. Hope you can drop by, too! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Really great and colourful selection.

babooshka said...

Very varied set, and that last one is gorgeous.

Brian said...

Nice photos from the leopard on wards and the last one is brill.


onangelwings said...

Shutterhappenings, Thanks for the wonderful comment.

Aileni, Thanks. After all my monochrome photos it is nice to see some colors.

Babooshka, Awww thanks so much for looking through them.

Brian, You are the best. I appreciate you checking out my blog.

Bear Naked said...

Four Lovely photos for the Letter L on ABC Wednesday.

Bear((( )))

earthlingorgeous said...

Wow! Those are lot of L's lovely lily pads. I love the leopard. Love big cats!

Dulce said...

Your leopard and your lake are my favourite although I liked the others too.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

I'd love to be at that lake right now!

All great L's!