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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family Foto Fun Friday - Me


Head over to Diana Rambles to play along to her meme Family Foto Fun Friday.

This week's theme is ME

I continue this from my main blog Maria's Space because honestly, how many pictures of me can I have on one blog?

Ok, where was I???

Here I am with my sisters. I am the one wearing white and must be about 5 years old. The puppies were a litter of twelve from our family dog Coco. This must have been big news back then because the paper came out and took pictures and wrote a story about Coco and her family. My sisters and I were all in the paper and felt like celebrities. I should really scan the paper so I can post it.

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This was the Christmas before we became a family of 4. I am 6 months pregnant with Goddess and so happy. Finding out I was having a girl was so exciting to me. Here is the story of my baby girl.
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As I said on the last post at Maria's Space, now this is huge. Man, I absolutely hate this picture but really this was me. Goddess would be taken by C-section the very next morning (see my pre-registered wrist band). I was so ready to meet my baby girl but scared to leave my son for a few days. Looking at this picture actually makes me ache.
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This is me in the beginning of September. I knew that life was just about to get very scheduled and busy so I took a photo of myself relaxing, listening to music on the deck. I love using accent when I shoot black and white. Love my Canon Powershot for this reason.
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Here is my family picture taken the end of September 2008 for the kids school. Getting everyone to settle for the photo was annoying but when the school asked for a family photo I realized the last one we took was in April or May. We used to take a family photo weekly for the first 2 months and then monthly. What happened to us? I think everyone got to hard to make sit for a photo. My husband used to be the only problem but now there are two others who can say "no" or "later."
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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Awesome! Thanks for playing along. Such great pics. I love the puppies & sisters!!! Your photography is wonderful! Please join us again next week. I will bookmark you for EC drops!

Momstart said...

These are great photos. I've never been to your site. I like memes because you can meet a lot of new bloggers.