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Monday, September 22, 2008

Monochrome Monday

All of my dreams of a place that I can call home
Somewhere in the shade near the sound of a sweet singin' river
Somewhere in the sun where the mountains make love to the sky
Somewhere to build me a faith, a farm and a family
Somewhere to grow older, and somewhere a reason to try - John Denver


leslie said...

This reminds me "a bit" of my last week's photo - the combination of the soft and the hard. If you remember, mine was the back of the wagon with the leaves half in front. I really love this one!

onangelwings said...

I remember that one Leslie. You are right about the hard and soft and oddly enough I didn't even think of that. I suck!

Julie said...

This haywain is an excellent choice for MM. It is so evocative of times gone by. I love all the daisies scattered around. I imagine the heady aroma of drying hay. Glorious.

The John Denver words remind me of that tragic loss and waste really ...

Aileni said...

Ah Ha ! Found you !
I had better put this address on the Maniac blogroll.
Nice shot.