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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ballet Class for Boys

A few weeks ago the dance instructor in Goddess' class asked if my son wanted to come into the class; after all he spends the entire hour glancing through the door.

He said yes and headed in. When I peeked in at the end of class, the girls and Handsome were all standing in a line facing the mirror doing a routine. He had all the moves and every once in a while he glanced over to Goddess who had her arms crossed around her chest and appeared to be thinking, "Oh hell no! This is my ballet class."

Whenever he looked at her, without missing a step he would say, "dance Goddess, dance."

At the end she walked out and was ready to go. He spent 10 minutes saying bye to everyone. Cute!

Since then he has gone into the class two more times and he loves it. I really can't afford to send him to one other thing but if the teacher wants him in there and I don't have to pay that is fine with me. This can only help his coordination.

  • Chassé (sha-SAY): when you “chase,” one foot following the other
  • Pas de bourrée (PAH de boo-RAY): when you move quickly with small, linked steps
  • Relevé (reh-leh-VAY): when you go up on tiptoe
  • Rond de jambe (RON de JAHMB): when you circle your leg around, on the ground, or in the air
  • Cabriole (ka-bree-OLE): when you jump and clap your legs together and apart in the air
  • Pirouette (peer-WET): when you spin like a top on one leg
  • Jeté (juh-TAY): when you leap forward from one foot to the other
  • Sauté (soh-TAY): when you jump straight up in the air
  • Assemblé (a-sahm-BLAY): when you leap in the air, bring your feet together, and land a ways away
  • Chaîné (sheh-NAY): when you link turns together
  • Plié (plee-AY): when you bend your knees
  • Arabesque (ar-a-BESK): when you stand on one leg with the other leg stretched out in the air behind you


Pagan Sphinx said...

I came over via Ruby Tuesday but I stopped in on this post first because the title caught my eye.

What a fantastic thing for a child, boy or girl, to do, especially if there is motivation. I have girls, now 20 and 21; both loved to dance and the older one danced well into her teens.

The photo of your little guy during practice is really precious.

onangelwings said...


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

He absolutely loves it. I doubt it will be something that continues. He is there because the instructor is kind enough to invite him in and let him participate.

I hear from the instructor that they cheer each other on which is really cute. I wish I could be a fly on the wall sometimes.