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Monday, February 23, 2009

Playing with Flowers

The first picture is one that I took of a yellow tulip from D and used an effect called Lomoish. Personally I like the original but think the Lomoish is interesting and colorful.

Last week I had a playdate with my son's friend L and his wonderful momma D. She is the ultimate guest. I seriously need to take some tips from her. She came over with a beautiful bouquet of tulips and some Valentine cookies. I never bring anything when I visit people.

She is the sweetest and liked her from the first day I met her. She instantly makes me feel comfortable and I love how she views the world. She is one of those people everyone should have in their life.

I am fortunate to have so many wonderful friends in my life. They are all good and different. There is the friend you call when you need a shoulder, or one you laugh with, discuss life with, who is your best cheerleader? I live with someone who can make me feel so small with just his presence never mind his personality. Friends make you feel important and worthy. My friends make me feel like I matter. This is used be more of a problem for me. I needed to feel someone cared and someone thought that what I had to say is worthy of listening to. I don't NEED this as much as I used to. My current philosophy is...we are all the stars of our own reality, so there is no longer a NEED for someone to validate me. If I waited for my husband to do this I would be waiting a long time and the way things affect me is based on how I handle it. I no longer let people affect me in negative ways. My husband can't make me feel bad about something if I don't allow it. Period!

So, back to the beautiful flowers...how the hell did I get on a tangent about validation anyway???

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Anonymous said...

I used to be anti-touching-up, but over the last week or so I've been experimenting and it's starting to grow on me. I think both shots look awesome, in their own way. The Lomoish JUMPS out at you, but the original has a beauty in it's simplicity...which is always what I seem to prefer.

NOT true...about you bringing stuff...when we first met you used to bring stuff here, just like I did when I came to you. Not sure when that stopped??? Are we 'beyond' that now?!?! ;)

I totally agree with your tangent. It took me a long time to realize that no one 'makes me feel' like ANYTHING...it's how I make MYSELF feel that's important!